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Twenty years ago, Jessica Rutzick committed her career to helping people through difficult, life-changing events–all involving lawsuits.

Business disputes, divorces, personal injuries, and insurance denials all cause tremendous financial and emotional stress. Jessica devotes her law practice to meet each of your individual needs and concerns. She takes on large corporations and powerful insurance companies and is equally comfortable guiding you through complicated, emotional divorces, partnership dissolutions, and business disputes.

Jessica is able to identify and explain a system failure and use her knowledge to protect your interests, holding your adversaries accountable. In addition to compelling results, Jessica provides closure, allowing you to move forward with your life.

Jessica Rutzick

“Every person who has an insurance policy has rights. The right lawyer can help you protect your rights.”

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Ms. Rutzick’s litigation practice is built on success. This success starts with taking the time to understand you and your objectives. She then pursues your case with tenacity, skill, and efficiency, always prioritizing your interests and needs.

If you are going to court, you can count on Jessica Rutzick’s advice and counsel.

Our Firm’s Practice Areas

In addition to legal complications and frustrations involving insurance claims, there are a number of other issues you may be dealing with in which legal assistance can be of invaluable benefit. Whether you have been the victim of a serious injury or you need help with legal issues arising from your business, we have the resources and skills to provide you with the help you need. We have, in the past, helped to represent clients whose cases involve:

When you need help working through an insurance claim in a timely manner, need assistance after an accident, or need assistance with business litigation, we can provide the legal guidance and experience you need so that you are not left to deal with the financial consequences on your own.

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Whether your insurance claim has been improperly denied or delayed, you need help getting compensation for a serious injury, or your businesses legal matters require the guiding hand of experienced legal counsel, we can help you fight for your rights under the law and ensure that your best interests are fully upheld. Contact Jessica Rutzick & Associates today by calling (307) 733-8140 to speak with a member of our well-qualified legal staff and learn more about what we can do for you.