Wyoming High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer

Even with a prenuptial agreement or a mutual promise to remain amicable, divorce is fraught with the possibility of significant financial loss and the loss of financial security. Marital assets often include business assets, assets held in trust, and investments that are difficult to value. Divorces with such assets are akin to commercial litigation and require skill and business acumen. Jessica Rutzick & Associates has extensive experience in high net worth divorces and commercial litigation.

Above all else, Jessica understands the emotional component of divorce. She will listen to your unique story and concerns and provide thoughtful advice while serving as your formidable advocate. As you move through the stages of grief and loss that typically accompany divorce, Jessica will fight hard for a favorable outcome. She does this by:

  • Accessing all information about your marital assets
  • Assessing their potential tax ramifications
  • Providing accurate asset valuations

This way, Jessica shows that you are being transparent with respect to disclosure and division of the marital property.

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