Common Health Insurance Claims

Having proper health insurance can be a safeguard against anything unexpected in life that threatens your physical safety or health. This might include things like illnesses, chronic conditions, sudden accidents, or even things like personal injuries or vehicle accidents. However, though many people diligently purchase and pay for their health insurance, sometimes they are not provided the financial assistance they expect from their insurance company.

When insurers do not provide the coverage they ought to, and leave insured persons without financial stability, they might be guilty of insurance bad faith. Unfortunately, as our attorneys at Jessica Rutzick & Associates, P.C., are well aware, this happens all too often to people in Wyoming, leaving them struggling to deal with the medical bills and expenses related to health problems.

Health Insurance Claims and Bad Faith Insurance

Insurance bad faith can affect a variety of different types of insurance. Some of the most common claims that people file in such situations include:

  • Mini Med Health Insurance
  • Short Term Health Insurance
  • Group Insurance
  • Employment Insurance
  • American Medical Insurance Company
  • AMLI
  • Starr Indemnity
  • Med Sense Guaranteed
  • Hiiquote
  • Med Plus Policy

Not getting the health coverage that you believe you have paid for can be devastating. As such, many people seek a legal professional’s help in pursuing an insurance bad faith claim, so they can have a better chance at getting the coverage they need.

Discuss Health Insurance Claims with a Bad Faith Insurance Attorney in Wyoming

If you or someone you love is dealing with an insurance company acting in bad faith regarding your health insurance, then the attorneys of Jessica Rutzick & Associates, P.C. can help. To find out more about your legal options in this situation and what we can do for you, call (307) 733-8140.