Common Types of Auto Defects

Many thousands of motor vehicles are released each year to consumers, most of which are safe to drive. Unfortunately, though, some automobiles have defects in them that can lead to serious car accidents and terrible consumer injuries. From defects in the engine to brake defects, any part of the car can be affected by these often very dangerous defects. However, as our team at Jessica Rutzick & Associates, P.C., knows, there are some auto defects that more commonly affect Wyoming residents.

Most Common Auto Defects

Even the most seemingly minor defect in an automobile can cause serious harm for a passenger. Of the many car-related defects that can occur, some of the most common include:

  • Tire Blowouts
  • Defective Airbags
  • Brake Defects
  • Seat Belt Defects

Just one of these defects in a vehicle means that an adult or a child could suffer a significant injury, such as whiplash, spinal cord injury, head injuries, broken bones, and blood loss. But when an automobile is defective, you should not have to face the costs you incur on your own; those who made the vehicle should be held accountable instead.

Talk about Auto Defects with an Attorney in Wyoming

If a car accident has injured you, and you believe it was caused by an auto defect, then you might actually be due financial compensation from the designer or manufacturer of that vehicle. The attorneys of Jessica Rutzick & Associates, P.C. can help you determine the appropriate legal action to take when you call and discuss your situation with us. You can reach our legal team by calling (307) 733-8140 today.