Wyoming official: Insurance agency having problems with Affordable Care Act

Posted on Wednesday, November 27th, 2013 at 10:24 pm    

Wyoming’s health insurance industry is reeling with indecision after President Barack Obama announced on Thursday, November 14 that companies can continue providing existing health insurance packages, Wyoming’s Insurance Commissioner Tom Hirsig said on Friday, November 15.

According to data from the state, around 500 policies have already been canceled by private insurers in Wyoming, and they are looking at cancelling 2,600 more to conform with Obama’s directive for insurance companies to offer new health insurance coverage that will meet the new requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

Hirsig said insurance companies are still figuring out how Obama’s announcement will impact their business and are making calculations as to how much it would cost to continue existing coverage, with Hirsig noting that “it’s just not something they can determine overnight.”

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Wyoming insurance commissioner discusses Affordable Care Act

Posted on Monday, November 25th, 2013 at 5:15 pm    

On Thursday, November 14, in a talk about the Affordable Care Act, insurance commissioner, Tom Hirsig said that Wyoming’s health care costs have been among the highest in the nation. He, however, assured listeners that many of the state’s residents were qualified for tax credits toward premiums.

Hirsig also spoke of the dangers of fraud. He said that some people might take advantage of the newly-approved healthcare law and prey on others by trying to convince them to enroll in the healthcare marketplace over the phone.

Additionally, Hirsig reminded people that if they are already receiving Medicare or Medicaid, they do not need to do anything to comply with the Affordable Care Act.

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Wisconsin’s private insurers canceling 2,600 policies due to Affordable Care Act’s new standards

Posted on Saturday, November 9th, 2013 at 8:19 pm    

Private insurers in Wyoming are on the verge of canceling more than 2,600 health insurance policies due to increased governmental regulation and increased minimum standards as set by the Federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the Obama administration’s legislation aiming to overhaul the country’s healthcare system.

More than 500 health policies were already canceled earlier this year, with some of the cancellations taking effect in December and others in March of next year, according to a statement from Wyoming Insurance Commissioner Tom Hirsig on Thursday, October 31.

Hirsig said customers with cancelled health policies can be eligible for federal subsidies until they acquire a health insurance policy that would meet the requirements of the new law. However, it is yet to be known when government-approved coverage would be available, he added.

Wyoming is one of the least-populated states in the country, with only around 560,000 people residing in the state, but it faces one of the highest-priced federally-approved health care policies.

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Biggert-Waters Insurance Reform Act of 2012 causes flood insurance to increase for many

Posted on Wednesday, October 30th, 2013 at 6:32 pm    

Although the Biggert-Waters Insurance Reform Act of 2012 was passed in July 2012, parts of the law are still going into effect. In particular, the component that, according to CNN, “phases out flood insurance subsidies on hundreds of thousands of older homes,” went into effect earlier this month, causing many homeowners to face drastic increases in their flood insurance premiums. Additionally, many homeowners are finding that they are required to buy flood insurance.

These changes came as a result of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) reorganizing flood zones and reassigning the flood risks of certain areas and homes. FEMA is making the changes in an effort to provide additional support to the federal flood insurance program.

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