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Insurance claims can provide victims of unforeseen accidents, illnesses, or property damage with the financial protection necessary to cope with the consequences of their misfortune. Far too often, however, insurance companies attempt to reduce the amount of compensation they must provide to policyholders. In many cases, this can leave individuals or businesses struggling to cover the costs of their hardships alone, potentially placing them in a precarious financial situation.

Insurance companies have a responsibility to treat their clients with respect and fairness. However, far too many insurance providers do not give this commitment to service the seriousness that it deserves, and some actively seek to deny their clients the compensation they need, or else delay payments for as long as possible. In light of the devastating financial consequences that these types of actions can have for policyholders, insurers who act in bad faith towards their clients may be held accountable.

Fortunately, insurance bad faith claims can help clients recover the compensation or insurance payout that they have been wrongfully denied. In addition, this legal action is an important step for discouraging insurers’ dishonest or fraudulent behavior in the future. If your insurance claim has been wrongfully denied, delayed, or otherwise mishandled in Wyoming, the experienced legal team at Jessica Rutzick & Associates, P.C. understands how frustrating it can be to fight back, and our attorneys make every effort to help our clients get the compensation they deserve.

Insurance Bad Faith Claims We Handle

Insurance bad faith can take a variety of forms, such as a wrongful denial of part or all of one’s claim, a substantial delay in payout, or even a significant underpayment on one’s claim. All of these can leave policyholders in a difficult financial situation. In order to help individuals and businesses combat insurance bad faith, the lawyers of Jessica Rutzick & Associates, P.C. are fully prepared to represent clients whose cases involve:

These issues, whether they arise from a residential property claim, a health insurance claim, or any other insurance claim, need to be resolved as soon as possible so that policyholders can receive the full coverage they are entitled to and move forward with their lives. At Jessica Rutzick & Associates, P.C., we have considerable experience taking action against insurance companies. Click below to read more about our specific experience with health insurance companies.

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Victims of insurance bad faith are often entitled to take legal action in order to recover the insurance benefits to which they are entitled. At Jessica Rutzick & Associates, P.C., it is our mission to help those wronged by their insurance companies to seek the justice they deserve.

If your insurance claim has been improperly handled or unfairly denied by your insurance company, you may be entitled to seek compensation. Contact a lawyer with Jessica Rutzick & Associates, P.C. today at (307) 733-8140 to discuss the details of your case and learn more about your rights and options under the law.