Disability Insurance Claims Attorney

Few people have the resources necessary to cope with the costs that a disabling injury or illness often has, whether the disability is only temporary or even permanent. Fortunately, disability insurance policies are available to help individuals in these situations maintain their financial stability. However, despite faithfully upholding their end of the insurance agreement, many policyholders find out that their disability insurance providers still act in ways that are intended to reduce their obligations towards disability victims. This can leave disabled individuals and their families without the necessary resources to support themselves in this difficult situation.

When insurance companies unfairly deny disability insurance claims, wronged policyholders may have to take legal action to secure the appropriate compensation. If your disability insurance claim in Wyoming has been unjustifiably denied or likewise mismanaged, the dedicated legal team at Jessica Rutzick & Associates, P.C. is here to assist you. We know that these bad faith insurance claims can be difficult to handle on one’s own, and we are committed to helping clients fight for the benefits they deserve.

Disability Insurance Claims We Handle

At Jessica Rutzick & Associates, P.C., we have substantial experience helping clients with disability insurance claims, and our lawyers are well-prepared to help you understand your legal rights and options if your case involves:

  • Short term disability
  • Long term disability

In either of these circumstances, we know what it takes to help disability victims get the support and assistance they need from their insurers.

Speak with a Disability Insurance Claims Lawyer

If you have suffered from a disabling illness or injury yet your disability insurance claim has been denied, you need a knowledgeable attorney on your side who is unafraid to fight for you. Contact a lawyer with Jessica Rutzick & Associates, P.C. today by calling (307) 733-8140 to get started on developing your case with our committed legal team.