ERISA Claims Lawyer

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act, or ERISA, is intended to regulate and protect workers’ pension plans so that they will have access to these funds upon retirement. These private employee benefit plans can help cover retirement as well as disability and health expenses. Unfortunately, though, sometimes plan administrators wrongfully deny claims for benefits, possibly putting you and your family in a stressful financial position.

The good news is that individuals who have been denied the benefits they deserve are typically eligible to appeal their claim’s decision and even take legal action under ERISA. If your ERISA claim has been improperly denied or delayed, the compassionate yet tenacious legal team of Jessica Rutzick & Associates, P.C. understands how trying this situation can be, and we are committed to helping retirees get the benefits they need.

How We Can Help With ERISA Claims

Retirees’ claims for benefits through their pension plans or private employee benefit plans ought to be processed fairly and in a timely manner. Frustratingly, far too many claims are wrongfully delayed or denied, leaving retirees with few options for maintaining financial stability. In these circumstances, Jessica Rutzick & Associates, P.C. is prepared to help individuals with a wide range of ERISA claims, including those involving:

  • Disability
  • Retirement
  • Health
  • ERISA appeals

We have the knowledge and experience necessary to effectively represent clients as they pursue the benefits they deserve under ERISA.

Talk to an ERISA Claims Attorney

After years of hard work, you deserve rightful access to your pension plan or private employee benefit plan. If your ERISA claim is not being handled properly, we can help you to fight for the compensation you are owed. Contact a skilled attorney from Jessica Rutzick & Associates, P.C. today by calling (307) 733-8140 to speak with a qualified legal professional and learn more about what we can do for you.